Scott Fujita

Over the weekend I was working at the Japanese American Bar Association Annual Fundraising Gala. A fantastic organization that supports lawyers and speaks about issues with Japanese influences. Every year they have a great show with well deserved awardees. This year I was happy to meet Scott Fujita , Super Bowl Champion, producer from the award winning documentary Gleason, and creator of the “Ice Bucket Challenge.” There was a long line of ladies wanting to take a picture with him…..If I just had a quarter for each picture this year!

He told his story about growing up in Oxnard the adopted son of Rodney and Helen Fujita, and he spoke about how his friends came over and most of them were too afraid to try sushi. Everyone in the room was captivated with his story about how he feels in touch with Japanese American heritage, and how he considers himself half Japanese. With the Saints he stood up to a teammate in the locker room who called Japanese Americans “Japs”, and how without getting too upset he was able to educate him by telling him about the true stories about the Japanese ordeal. He speaks fondly about his grandfather Nagao Fujita who was a member of the 442.

Finally he inspired a room full of lawyers how important they were at this time of political turmoil, and how it was “their time to shine” At 6’5 Scott Fujita is a commanding presence , but his speech and charisma was even more powerful.